23 March, 2017


International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2017 @ Warsaw International Expocentre
Mar 22 @ 9:00 am – Mar 24 @ 7:00 pm
International Fair of Lighting Equipment 2017 @ Warsaw International Expocentre | Warszawa | mazowieckie | Polonia

The 25th International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2017

March 22nd – 24th

Warsaw Exhibition Centre EXPO XXI, Poland


LIGHT is the biggest branch event in Poland and third in Europe. The last edition of LIGHT was a big success – the trade show attracted two times more visitors than a year before.

While the companies around the world are cutting their expenses, Polish producers think of expanding. The global crises don’t reached Poland – while the consumer moods are getting worse and worse in Western Europe, Polish buyers made Poland the buying and investment leader.

Reasons to attend LIGHT 2017:

– Over 450 exhibitors

– Showcase of achievements of lighting, power and control systems

– LED and OLED systems presentation

– Several seminars and conferences for industry professionals

– Special meetings for designers and architects

– Trainings for representatives of local authorities and road managers

– Awards for the best innovative products and technologies

– Held parallel to ELECTRICITY 2017


The Trade Show LIGHT is your way to meet leading producers, distributors and all those interested in lighting and electric fittings as well as the renewable energy equipment.

Trade Show LIGHT 2017 will welcome you with:

–         innovative products

–         the best design solutions

–         high quality items at very competitive prices

This is the place to meet face-to-face with the best in the business and get crucial deals done. Make connections in just three days to set you up for the rest of the year.

The Trade Show LIGHT each year attracts leading producers, distributors and all the interested in  lighting fittings. The next year’s edition of the Trade Show will gather 450 leading manufacturers from all over the world, who will present their latest products on the area of over 15 000 sq. m. 


LIGHT is not only the exhibition with 25-year-old tradition, it is the trade show which is combined with several conferences, workshops and seminars for more than 1.500 participants and big promotion campaign.

Getting there – the EXPO XXI is 30 minutes from Warsaw Airport, 15 minutes from Central Railway Station plus onsite parking is also available.


HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair @ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Abr 6 @ 9:00 am – Abr 9 @ 7:15 pm


Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the eighth Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) concluded yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The four-day fair (6-9 April) featured more than 1,300 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions. Nearly 20,000 buyers from 108 countries and regions took part in the fair, up 3.6 per cent over last year. Among overseas buyers, attendance from the Chinese mainland, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Indonesia had the most significant growth, recording a double-digit percentage increase. Buyer attendance from the United States and the United Kingdom also saw considerable growth.
“Despite the lingering global economic uncertainties and challenges, the Spring Lighting Fair this year still showed a considerable increase in buyer attendance,” said Benjamin Chau, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director. “It reveals that buyers remain optimistic in purchasing. Hong Kong companies are encouraged to grasp the opportunities brought about by the Chinese mainland and Asian markets.”
The HKTDC commissioned an independent on-site survey during the fair, interviewing more than 342 exhibitors and buyers about their views on industry prospects. The survey found that 64 per cent of respondents expect overall sales this year to increase or remain unchanged. As for product trends, respondents consider LED & green lighting to be the product sector with the best growth potential in the sales/export market (35%), followed by household lighting (23%), commercial lighting (15%) and smart lighting & solutions (10%). It also showed that customers are increasingly concerned about product quality (90%) and practicality (90%), as well as after-sales service/maintenance (89%) and product price (87%).
High quality LED products remain popular
The applications of LED products in the lighting industry have become increasingly prevalent. Besides consumers growing more environmentally conscious, the price drop of LED products and their easy integration with smart lighting systems helped the LED market to continue thriving and maintain a strong demand.
The Viribright brand under Hong Kong’s Matrix Holdings Ltd has been participating in the Spring and Autumn Lighting Fairs with their energy-efficient LED bulbs since 2009. Eric Leung, Director of Matrix Holdings, stated that their latest LED product, the Viribright A19 bulb, has a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 and a wide beam angle of 320 degrees, close to that of natural light. Buyers from the US, Australia and Europe had expressed their interest in the product.
Russian buyer Andrey Egoshin, Product Manager, UNIV®ERSAL, was primarily looking for LED bulbs, floodlights and panel lights. He said he had business negotiations with more than 30 suppliers from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. He pointed out that, as customers in Russia were becoming more price-sensitive, he was looking for products with prices and quality that met their requirements. He expected the company’s first order with each new supplier to amount to US$100,000.
Smart home display attracts buyer attention
The “smart city and smart home” is recognised as a major development in the technology sector. The survey found that 92 per cent of respondents believe the development of smart technology will facilitate the lighting industry in the next two years. In particular, household lighting systems that are compatible with or controllable by smart phone/tablet applications are seen to have the greatest development potential (49%), followed by smart, energy-saving lighting systems for household/industrial/commercial purposes (46%) and industrial/commercial lighting systems that are compatible with, or controllable by smart phone/tablet applications (26%). The new Smart Lighting Product Display at this year’s fair showcased a simulated home environment with a smart lighting system. Buyers could try out the applications of smart lighting products before making any decisions.
Hong Kong’s Tronico Technology Co Ltd joined the fair for the first time this year and presented its KUJU Smart Home System and Devices, a DIY wireless home automation solution that can control household appliances through the Internet of Things (IoT). “The new Smart Lighting Product Display set up by the HKTDC allows buyers to see for themselves the strengths and features of our home environment,” Alex Chan, General Manager, Tronico Technology, said. “Indeed, it is highly effective in promoting our product and attracting more customers to visit our booth. We have connected with buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. About five to six buyers from Southeast Asia are interested in KUJU products. We expect them to confirm their orders after testing our samples.”
Mario Alter, President, Aller Iluminación, from Argentina visited the display area. He said he had talked with some of the smart lighting solutions suppliers. Smart lighting is something new in Argentina, and he said he would like to bring it to the market as smart lighting is the next big trend.


InterLUMÍ @ Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA
Jun 29 – Jul 1 all-day



InterLumi Panama 2017

InterLumi Panama, es el evento más importante para promover la industria de la iluminación de la región y del mundo. Ofrecerá una plataforma para entrar al mercado mundial y globalizado. Al servicio de la América Latina y los países del Caribe, InterLumi Panama se celebrará desde 29 de junio hasta 1 de julio del 2017, gracias al impulso de America Expo Group, un líder en organización de ferias mundiales. Tanto expositores como participantes, podrán tener a su alcance, a través de Interlumi Panama, una herramienta eficaz y una puerta de entrada al mercado emergente de la producción de la iluminación.


El gobierno panameño asegura un ambiente seguro y pacífico para los inversionistas.

Como país de rápido crecimiento en América Latina, Panamá ha continuado creciendo fuertemente, impulsado por la expansión del Canal, los grandes proyectos de infraestructura pública y su reglamento para los negocios.

Panamá es el país que tiene crecimiento económico más sostenible en la region. Panamá alcanzó PIB de US$52.13 mil millones con una tasa de crecimiento del 5,8 %, lo más alto en la región.


El mercado total de la iluminación general en América Latina se proyecta para alcanzar los US$6.623 millones (6,6 billones) en 2020.Se estima que el mercado de las lámparas y balastros eficientes en América Latina pueda alcanzar la crifa de US$3.510 millones a finales de 2018.

Los 10 principales proveedores: Estados Unidos, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, España, Italia, México, Taiwán, Hong Kong y Canadá.

Panamá también juego un papel muy importante como reexportado hacia la región Latinoamérica.


El Gran Canal de Panamá, conecta el Océano Atlántico y Mar Caribe hacia Norte de Océano Pacifico

Zona Libre de Colón, juega un papel importante como zona franca. Es el primer centro de distribución en el hemisferio occidental y el único centro logístico multimodal de las américas.

Conectado con más de 20 economía con transacciones diaria, Panamá ofrece a sus socios inversionista una política preferencia y facilidades logísticas.

Lux Europa 2017 @ Grand Hotel Union
Sep 18 @ 9:00 am – Sep 20 @ 7:00 pm



The 13th LUX EUROPA conference will be organized under the motto:

Lighting for modern society

Smart cities and smart grids are already well defined term, which point to a use of digital and ICT technology to enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption as well as to engage more effectively and actively with their users. The same can be said for smart lighting. At the conference we would like to highlight different aspects of smart indoor and outdoor lighting and how it can contribute to the wellbeing of our modern society. Conference will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

PLDC 2017 @ Palais des Congrès de Paris
Nov 1 @ 9:00 am – Nov 4 @ 7:00 pm







About PLDC

PLDC stands for Professional Lighting Design Convention.

What is PLDC all about?

This biannual Convention was created for the global lighting design market. Lighting designers, architects, researchers, universities, industry and clients use PLDC as a platform to meet, learn about the latest developments in lighting design, and discuss the future of the lighting profession. PLDC stands for high quality knowledge transfer and international networking opportunities.

PLDC is supported by major market players, associations, universities and industry.
To date events have been held in
– 2007 in London/UK
– 2009 in Berlin/D
– 2011 in Madrid/E
– 2013 in Copenhagen/DK
– 2015 in Rome/I
Over the years PLDC has registered altogether almost 5000 attendees.

In 2015 in Rome PLDC brought together
– 1700 attendees
– representatives from 25 associations
– representatives from 38 universities and institutes
– an exhibition of 66 partners from the lighting industry
– 23 media partners
– representatives from 13 Partner Cities
– representatives from 12 Partner Events

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